Nagging Friend

I am the kind of friend or sister who will never get tired of nagging you until you see what I’m trying to tell you, even when you don’t wanna hear it.

I dont believe in giving you space when you’re walking close to the edge of a cliff.

Unless I don’t care about you at all in which case you wont be exposed to my all-knowing, wisdom-filled sermons. 😂

I have learned my lesson about trying to give people the space they need to make their own mistakes when they’re making the same ones over and over. Same mistake twice lang ang quota mo. The third time around is foolhardy and I feel I’m already justified in wrenching the helmet off your head para mauntog ka kahit papano.

I wish my friends and family were harsh with me when I was in my early 20s. I could have avoided wasting three precious years of my life with the wrong person. The only good thing that came out of it is it made me realize who I don’t want to be with in the future. It made me more grateful of the life I have now.

So if I am your friend and you are being stupid, count on me to be there to tell you right in front of your face that you are being stupid and you need to straighten the hell out.

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