Winding Up

It is December 12, only 13 days before Christmas and 19 days before 2017 ends. Like I always do, every December, I marvel at how quickly the year had flown by.

In May, I graduated from the Legal Masters program.

Same month, met up with Chek in Florida to check out the Harry Potter theme park at Universal Studios for his birthday. It was like going full circle because for my 26th birthday, we went to Enchanted Kingdom back in the Philippines.

In June, I went to the Philippines and visited family. July was the big wedding my whole family went to Boracay. That was fantastic, I got super tanned, went parasailing and ate like a pig!

August was catching up with house stuff. Unfortunately, our baby kalamansi plants died while we were gone. 😦

September, we flew to England and stayed until November 3rd.

Something sad happened while we were there, a friend of ours from Dallas passed away. It was a sad home coming for us; his wife was such a dear friend of ours. Goodbye, kuya Orland. May you rest in peace.

Also in November, we traveled to St. Louis to spend some time with our friends. Brice was godfather to Layla, the youngest of Vinnie’s girls. We had a fun time. I forget how much I miss having married couples our age as friends. I really wish we hung out more with friends our age (preferably without kids LOL).

Thanksgiving was great, the in-laws stopped by on their way to the Philippines for an extended vacation and lola Reyes’ 100th birthday. Brian also visited, and ate Susan’s whole family came by as well.

After they left, we got out the Christmas stuff and started decorating.

Today, I had my first tooth cleaning in three years. It’s been that hectic. They did ‘scaling’ which is basically digging around in your gums to clean it thoroughly. A couple of my teeth were that in dire need of cleaning. The a filling, and a root canal. Joy. I have seven days worth of antibiotics and pain meds that we picked up at CVS after the dentist’s. Then we picked up some food at Whataburger and Brice drove off to work the rest of the day. And here I am, in the upstairs media room, watching Shameless.

Well, that’s it for the big bullet points.


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